NorthWest Lacrosse, Youth Lacrosse located in Kalispell, Montana and serving the whole Flathead Valley.

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Welcome to the 2023‚ NorthWest Lacrosse Association Registration System-Please Read Below:


Registation is now closed for 5th-8th grade. The deadline has been extended for 1st-4th grade through March 10th, 2023.  


Registration Fees: When paying for registration, you will need to select the dropdown menu to chose the amount you want to pay.  It defaults to the payment plan, so if you want to pay in full, you need to select that amount.  

USA Lacrosse memberships: Prior to completing the registration process, ALL players are required by USA Lacrosse to have a USA Lacrosse membership. The fee is $30 to USA Lacrosse and it must be valid through June 15, 2023.  You may either go directly to the USA Lacrosse website - to renew or establish your USA Lacrosse membership OR you will be prompted to the site from within the Northwest Lacrosse on-line registration and then you will need to come back to our site to complete registration. The $30 fee to USA Lacrosse is IN ADDITION to Northwest Lacrosse registration fees.  


Uniforms: There will be a separate fee for the lacrosse uniform.  All ages, both male and female are required to have a uniform.  (UPDATE! First and second grade will be borrowing a league provided uniform for the season so do not need to purchase) If you purchased a uniform LAST YEAR and it still fits, you can use that one.  Otherwise, there will be a fee of approximately $75 to purchase a uniform.  There will be a seperate link sent out via email to order the uniform once you have completed registration.  The unifom HAS to be purchased by 1/31/23.  You do not need to purchase a shooter shirt unless you would like to.  NWLAX provides each player with one. 

Merchandise: There will be an additonal merchandise store coming soon.   There are a few items from A-line that you can also purchase.  

Teams:  We plan to have two teams for each division for boys and at least one team per division for girls.  If enough girls register, we can add additional teams.    

Equipment: Each player will require full equipment to play. Boys-helmet, pads, stick, gloves, cleats, mouth guard.  Girls-Goggles, stick, mouth guard and cleats.  New players grades 1st-4th will have the option of borrowing equipment from the league before investing in their own.  

Full refund of league fees less a $40 administration fee will be approved for any requests prior to January 31, 2023
Full refund of league fees less a $40 administration fee for medical-related requests prior to February 28, 2022
No refunds after February 28th, 2023. 

Logging Into The System - If you are having trouble logging in as a returning player and you have changed your email address since last season please try to log in using your spouse's email or your alternative email. The on-line registration system will only recognize returning members based on the email address that was used for last season's registration. 

Confirmation - Player registration can only be done online. You will receive a confirmation email indicating that you are registered with NWLAX and given a link to order your uniform.  Online registration is not complete until all the following items are completed on-line:

                *Current USA lacrosse number that is valid through 6/15/2023.

*Electronic acceptance of the Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct.

*Payment of Registration Fees. The club accepts major credit cards only.

*Acceptance of the online concussion form.

*Acceptance of the online photo release form. 


For questions, please email us at



2023 Coaches Registration

Coaches, your dedication to lacrosse is a vital link to the growth and advancement of the sport of lacrosse.  We thank you for your role in supporting our kids and lacrosse.  

What parents/guardians expect of coaches:

1. Utilize clean, honest and open communication.

2.  Set clear goals and expectations and then explain these at the start of the season.

3.  Establish a safe, fair and positive environment with proper supervision.  

4.  Demonstrate professional role modeling while treating each player with understanding, respect and dignity.  

5.  Provide an enthusiastic, fun and organized practice and game experience. 

6.  Maintain current knowledge of lacrosse. 


What players expect of coaches

1.  Be a positive role model who is enthusiastic and encouraging. 

2.  Be treated fairly and with respect. 

3.  Provide an atmosphere for open communication. 

4.  Understand that the player may sometimes have commitments outside of lacrosse. 

5.  Create a safe environment and be knowledgeable about health and accident issues.

6.  Be knowledgeable about lacrosse.    



Opened: 01/01/2023
Closes: 06/15/2023

Open to: Men & Women