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2022 NorthWest Shootout Jamboree! 

The 6th Annual Northwest Shootout Lacrosse Jamboree will be held on Saturday & Sunday, April 23 and 24.

We will have over 20 teams playing on at least 8 different fields from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM over the weekend. Each team will be guaranteed 4 games for the weekend. There will be lacrosse equipment sales, food and beverage, games, and much more. It is a not to be missed event!

JAMBOREE SCHEDULES will be available as the event nears

Coaches - We will post the final schedule update on Friday the 22nd so please be sure to double check each team's schedule. With a jamboree, there is often something that comes up at the last minute and we try our very best to make sure that those changes do not negatively affect anyone play schedule.  


The Jamboree is on. Rain or shine.

The Jamboree staff tries in general to have a team play in a format of game-on, game-off, game-on, game-off, game-on. Teams may be scheduled with two games off and in a rare exception three games off.

Tournament Divisions:

  • 1/2 Boys (Free) Speed Lacrosse Exhibition event 

  • 3/4 Boys

  • 5/6 Boys

  • 7/8 Boys

  • 1/2 Girls (Free) Speed Lacrosse Exhibition event 

  • 3/4 Girls

  • 5/6 Girls

  • 7/8 Girls


Tournament Details:

  • All players and coaches must be current US Lacrosse members. Team rosters including US Lacrosse numbers, player birth dates, and zip codes must be submitted no later than APRIL 1

  • US Lacrosse Rules/Regulations will apply

  • All games will begin at the top of the hour and operate off of one official game clock

  • Payments in full, by CREDIT CARD ONLY, must be made during the registration process for placement.  Registration fees are non-refundable after January 31, 2022.

  • Officiating opportunities to offset registration costs will be available. Officials wanting to take advantage of this opportunity need to email Northwest Lacrosse at by March 1st, 2022. This opportunity for officials applies only to games 3/4 and up.


Tournament Costs & Registration:


Only Visa and MasterCard will be accepted. The registration system asks that you provide a separate contact (the appropriate contact) for each team when entering the team name. To run the Jamboree effectively, we need that information for specific game day instructions and information. A complete registration will be a registration that includes:

When registering, you will enter one team's information and the 'checkout' screen will signal the end of that team's registration. At the top and bottom of that screen, there is a button and link that say 'click here to register another team'; continue to click that link until you've entered all your teams. Then go through the checkout process where it will ask for your credit card information. This will save you time and you'll only need to go through the credit card process once. Payments in full, by CREDIT CARD ONLY, must be made during the registration process for placement.  Registration fees are non-refundable after January 31, 2022.

  • 1/2 Boys and Girls  - No Charge-Sign up at event 

  • 3/4 Boys and Girls - $300

  • 5/6 Boys and Girls - $450

  • 7/8 Boys and Girls- $450



NO on street parking or grass area is allowed.  Parking in permitted lots only, vehicles will be ticketed and towed. Follow directional signage to permitted parking areas.  Handicap parking is available in the designated areas.


Portable toilets need to be utilized.  Units are plentiful and are strategically located on all fields.  Public urination is a punishable crime and will not be tolerated.


Official Tournament Rules:

*Please make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before your first game


Each team must have ONE score keeping representative per game. Score table will text photo of official tournament scoresheet to Head Score Keeper-Sarah (406-260-6404) at end of game.


All games are 50 minutes:  2 – 25 minute running time halves with a 5 minute halftime


Teams get one timeout per game. Timeouts are 1 min as it is running time. There are NO Time Outs given in the last 5 minutes of the 2nd half. We are playing “running time”.

All games are started and ended together by the on-field Northwest Shootout Game Starters noted by the main horn.


Games delayed in starting will NOT make up time by continuing play after the scheduled end of a half or game.


Game time will not be extended nor running time stopped for injuries or time outs. 


The first team listed on the pool schedule/bracket is responsible for game balls and end line balls.  


Maximum of 4 coaches allowed on the sideline.  


Crease protective rounds MUST be used on fields 1,2,3 and 4 at Kidsports.  

For 3/4, the "Hot pass" rule will be in effect. This means a pass is required after face off and anytime the ball passes midline. 

For 3/4, all other personal fouls will have the offending player in the penalty box for 2 minutes (since it is running time). He/She is replaced on the field and the opponent will start with a fast break set up at center X.

For 5/6 and 7/8, the player will serve the penalty.

Officials can and will eject a player for multiple unsportsmanlike fouls or unnecessary roughness fouls or a single foul based on the severity of a single infraction. 


In the case of a game ejection, the player will not be allowed to play the next game. This is consistent with the in-season rule of sitting out a game if a player is ejected.

Tie BreakersTie Breakers:3 minute Sudden Death. If the 3 minute overtime period ends in a tie, the official score is a tie. 

WeatherThe Jamboree will be played rain, snow or shine.

*In case of lightning, fields will be cleared until 10 minutes after the lightning/storm passes and then the game will resume via the central horn.  The game must be complete by the start of the next scheduled game time which is 75 min from the original start time.  Score will be final at play stoppage by central horn regardless of game duration.