NorthWest Lacrosse, Youth Lacrosse located in Kalispell, Montana but serving the whole Flathead Valley.

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All Ages Gear Rental

Session 1:Thursday February 25th 5:30pm-8pm Flathead County Fairgrounds Trade Center Building

Session 2:  Sunday February 28th 3pm-6pm Flathead County Fairgrounds Trade Center Building

*We will be set up near the front doors for equipment rental. 

**Please bring a check for $150 for a deposit for the equipment that will be returned once the gear is returned. Also bring your athlete to be fitted for the equipment.  



*Players in their first year of lacrosse this year will get free gear rental! Just pay a $150 deposit fee that is refunded at the end of the season when the gear is returned.   This provides an opportunity to try the sport for a season without having to make a full investment in gear.


If you are a returning athlete, we recommend purchasing your own gear.  If you prefer to continue to rent, for a fee of $75 an athlete can rent a helmet, stick, shoulder pads, gloves and elbow pads for the season.  If you own a helmet, you can rent gear minus the helmet for $50.   All rentals will require $150 deposit (in the form of a bank check only).  All gear must be returned at the end of the season, or the deposit check will be cashed.  As an athlete advances to higher teams, they will need to obtain their own gear. 


When you come to rent gear please bring one check for a $150 deposit and one check for rental if you are not a first year player.  Your son/daughter needs to come with you for sizing of gear.  If you are looking to purchase gear, you can purchase complete sets online for less than $200.  We are partnered with Lacrosse Wolf to make it easier.  Just click their link on our webpage.  You can also order at, or


All gear needs to be collected at the end of the season.  Gear will be re-rented for summer camps.